A kind-hearted Rhode Island woman took a walk on the wild side by creating a “zoo” right in her front yard for the neighborhood to enjoy.

Nancy Connor, 86, decided the world needed some more fun, so she took her stimulus money and did just that.

“I went through World War II, which was tough,” she told WJAR, “but it’s nothing like what’s happening now. Everything is so sad.”

Conner is handicapped and uses canes to walk. She thought, ” I can’t go out there and do anything, but people love animals.” She decided she could spread some fun in a different way.

So she took her stimulus check money and ordered dozens of giant stuffed animals online.

Her yard is filled with lounging lions, giraffes, and monkeys hanging all around. A sign reads, “Welcome to the Zoo.”

Her yard has now become a local destination that attracks the young and old alike.

“Many, many they come every day,” said Connor. “They come by, they walk and point, and the kids smile it’s worth all the effort I’ve put into it because everybody looks happy that comes by.”

Connor said she thought about spending the stimulus money on herself, but knows now that her project was the right thing to do. Her zoo is priceless!

“It’s worth everything. It makes me happy to see people happy again, even if it’s only for a couple of minutes.”

The world could use a few more people like Nancy.