Monica Cyrocki and Animal Lover Kyle Morgan Climbs Into Michigan Sewer To Rescue Nine Ducklings, ducks

What would you do if someone told you that they saw nine ducklings trapped in a storm drain?

After Monica Cyrocki of Jackson, Michigan was told by her USPS Mail carrier that there was a group of baby ducklings crying out from a sewer drain, and he, unfortunately, wasn’t able to help the poor trapped little darlings.

Monica knew just who to call for help, her fiance Kyle Morgan.

When Morgan and saw the helpless babies, as a new father, he said he couldn’t just let the ducklings die without at least attempting a rescue.

After assessing the situation, with the help of another neighbor, Kyle started prying off the manhole cover.

When the pair of hero’s to ducklings everywhere, finally freed the cover, Morgan climbed into the sewer.

Kyle later noted to reporters that “It smelled pretty bad”.

Kyle Morgan Climbs Into Michigan Sewer and with help from Monica Cyrocki, and Jackson, Michigan neighbors, they rescue nine Ducklings from certain doom

Nevertheless, in Kyle went, while doing his best not to gag on the putrid stench.

With the encouragement of neighbors standing above him on the street and the use of a net.

Kyle started rounded up all nine wayward baby ducklings, as he caught them he placed them safely in a bucket, which Monica pulled up.

The rescued babies where then place in a larger container, that included a bowl of fresh-water for the ducklings to wash away the stench from their stinky feathers.Watch: Good Guy Climbs Into Sewer To Save 9 Ducklings

Morgan told local reporters:

‘To be honest man, I’ve got a newborn son and this mother bird was freaking out. I had to rescue them. I said to myself that ‘I’m going in there’ no matter what.’

The ducklings were taken to Wildside Rehabilitation and Education Center after the mother could not be found.

The ducklings were taken to Wildside Rehabilitation and Education Center after the mother could not be found.

But no worries, as an animal rescuer myself, and having used local Wildside Rehabilitation centers in South Carolina, New York, and Virginia, these wildlife animal-loving rescuers do an amazing job.

They will feed and care for the ducklings, while also assuring that these little darlings don’t get too accustomed to humans.

Once old enough they will be released as a family unit into the wild.

Hopefully, they will live long and fruitful lives, and they owe it all to Kyle, Monica, and a group of wildlife loving neighbors.

If you want to read more information on what these centers do, and/or how you can help. Please visit the Wildside Rehabilitation and Education Center’s Facebook page.

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Watch Kyle Morgan Climbing Into Sewer To Rescue Nine Ducklings