This young girl has a big heart and a big dream.

When Chelsea was thinking about what she wanted for her 10th birthday, she decided that instead of presents, she wanted to start her own charity. So she told her family and friends  that instead of gifts for her birthday, she hoped they would make a donation or bring supplies to help her launch an ‘art kits’ charity.

When asked why she had a desire to start this particular charity, Chelsea said, “My mission is to create art kits for children who may not have access to creative outlets”. She went on to say that she believes art is good way to boost mental health and develop communication skills. 

Chelsea loves art and believes it is her superpower. She went through some difficult times a few years ago when her beloved swim coach passed away and she was bullied at school.

She thought picking up a new hobby might bring bring some happiness to her life. She decided to try art and immediately fell in love. Art gave her renewed joy and she wants to share that joy of art with others.

When schools had to close with the outbreak of Covid-19, Chelsea thought about the kids in foster care and homeless shelters. Would they be able to find a creative outlet during the lockdown? She decided to send them art kits, hoping to bring a little cheer and creativity to their lives. So far, with the help of her family, Chelsea has already sent 1,500 kits. WOW!

The kits have everything a creative mind could want. Markers, crayons, paper, coloring books, colored pencils, and gel pens. The kits are assembled and distributed with love by this sweet, young girl. Well done!