January 22, 2021


Store Manager Hires Homeless Woman Who Was Sleeping In The Store’s Parking Lot

LaShenda Williams was homeless and had been battling drug addition when her luck changed in the form of a guardian angel named Jackie Vandal.

This Little Hero Has Sent 1,500 Art Kits to Children in Foster Care and Shelters During The Lockdown

10-year-old Chelsea decided to start an 'art kits' charity and she has sent 1,500 kits to children in foster homes and shelters.

Amazon Driver Saves Dog From Drowning In Pool

Amazon delivery driver in Woburn, MA save 14-year-old dog from certain death by jumping the fence and into the pool.

Father & Daughter Co-Found Library In Chicago With Free Books

In 2009, this father and daughter duo co-founded "Books 4 Cause" after noticing so many textbooks being thrown away.

Blind Man Gets Sight Restored After 44 Years and Celebrates By Purchasing His Dream Car

Mike Schickerowski has been legally blind since birth. He was born with a disorder called nystagmus, which causes the brain to see images as a blur. 

VIDEO: Man Splits Millions in Lottery Jackpot based on a Handshake Made Almost Three Decades Ago

Tom Cook and Joe Feeney of Wisconsin shook hands in 1992, vowing to split the winnings if either of them won the Powerball jackpot.