All across America, Coronavirus lockdowns continue, and it’s up to people like Kelly Passek to find new and creative ways to bring us a little normalcy back to our lives.

Kelly Passek an amazing middle-school librarian in Christiansburg, Virginia came up with an ingenious way to ensure stay-at-home kids, re still able to rent library books at a time when Government officials ordered all libraries closed.

Kelly Passek’s solution…Deliver the books to children by drone.

Ironically, Kelly Passek was one of the first customers to ever receive a drone delivery when the service was launched in Virginia, last year by Wing.

After seeing how quickly her household items were delivered, she asked herself “Why Not?” and petitioned the company to start delivering library books, too.

She ran her idea through Mark Miear, the school’s superintendent, who was “immediately on board.”

Montgomery County Public Schools will be the first public school system in the world to use Wing to deliver library books to our students.

“We are thrilled for this opportunity to have a really unique way to deliver resources to our students and do it practically on demand.

Our libraries are essential and unique parts of our community and it is extremely important for our students to continue to have access to the resources that are here in our libraries in order to guarantee their success,” 

After students request to take out library books using an online form. Passek then packs the books up in special delivery boxes, then drops them off at Wing, which handles the deliveries.

Now, thanks to Kelly Passek and Wing students in Montgomery County can choose from the library’s more than 150,000 titles, and have their books delivered right to their front yard.