January 22, 2021
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Amazon delivery driver in Woburn, MA save 14-year-old dog from certain death by jumping the fence and into the pool.
In 2009, this father and daughter duo co-founded "Books 4 Cause" after noticing so many textbooks being thrown away.
Mike Schickerowski has been legally blind since birth. He was born with a disorder called nystagmus, which causes the brain to see images as a blur. 
Tom Cook and Joe Feeney of Wisconsin shook hands in 1992, vowing to split the winnings if either of them won the Powerball jackpot.
Shaquille O'Neal witnessed a tire blow, so he pulled over to help the driver. He waited with her until the police arrived.
A boy, twice given up for adoption, finds his forever home with Peter Mutabazi, a single man who has shared some of life's same experiences. 
People from all over the country have been sharing pictures of public signs they have spotted during their travels around the world.
A man who recently lost his wife wrote a heartfelt letter to her hairdresser to express his gratitude for that "priceless" haircut that meant so much.  
Young woman who never missed a day of school (not one single day!) is rewarded with scholarships and the honor of being named class Valedictorian.  
An amazing community effort is underway to help a young boy from Trumbull, Connecticut, Andrew Colello, get a much-needed service dog.
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8th grade students donate end-of-year trip money to help the Navajo Nation

8th Graders Donate Year-End Trip Money to Help the Navajo Nation...

Eighth-graders at the Waldorf School in Santa Fe, New Mexico raised $2,800 for their year-end rafting trip, but then decided to help those suffering in the Navajo Nation