Is there anything more heart warming than hearing about an abandoned child finding her forever home with a loving parent?

Naples, Italy – Meet Luca Trapanese – a man who is challenging the stereotypes of fatherhood, religion, and family in his country. His story has gone viral for several reasons. The usual protocol in Italy doesn’t fit his scenario… Luca is gay and single. In 2017, the 41-year-old adopted his daughter Alba, when she was not even a month old.

Trapanese had always wanted to adopt a child, but that presented problems for a gay, single man in Italy. “I was told that I’d only be given a child with an illness, a severe disability or with behavioral problems,” says Trapanese. But he jumped at the chance to adopt Alba when an orphanage called to say they had a month-old baby with Down’s Syndrome that had been abandoned by her mother. And she had already been rejected by 20 families.

Trapanese says: “Since I was 14, I have volunteered and worked with the disabled, so I felt I had the right experience. When I first held Alba in my arms, I was overcome with joy.” For the last two years, Trapanese has documented his and his daughter’s life together, challenging stereotypes about fatherhood and the idea of family. “I didn’t mean it to be that way,” he says. “This is nothing but our life story.”

“It was the first time I held a newborn baby. Before that moment, I had always been scared. But, when I first held Alba, I knew I was ready to be her dad,” said the young father.

Today, Trapanese’s life revolves around his daughter. He says that Alba “revolutionized his life and everything revolves around her. She brought me happiness and a sense of fulfillment. I am proud to be her dad. I wanted her to be my daughter.”

We wish Luca and Alba a lifetime of happiness.