Talk about being at the right place at the right time!

John Cassabria, an Amazon delivery driver, is all over town and his route is different each day. Each day is an adventure, but not quite like this one. After getting out of his van for a delivery in Woburn, MA, he saw something unusual in the swimming pool.

“I saw what looked like a snout and at that moment my heart sank,” Cassabria said.

Luke, a fourteen-year-old Husky, was barely bobbing above the water in the family pool. Cassabria took immediately action.

“I jumped into the pool with everything on. Phone, wallet, watch. None of it mattered. I thought only of the dog at that moment,” Cassabria recalled.

Luka’s family had just left on vacation when they received the call from Animal Control.

Luka’s owner, Julie Caldwell said, “I’m like what? What are you talking about? He goes ‘Luka fell in your pool and the Amazon driver saved him.’ I was in tears. What in the world? Could not believe it.”

As it turns out, a bone wrapped in the pool vacuum cord may have been the culprit.

Caldwell went on to say that Luka’s hind legs are failing and he never swims. She’s quite certain he wouldn’t have lasted long in the pool if Cassabria hadn’t noticed him.

Hats off to John Cassabria! This world is a better place because of people like you.